I love Pho. I can and will eat it on most days, but especially when I’m not feeling too well (which luckily doesn’t happen too often) or when it’s gloomy and rainy outside (a more common occurence).

With the pleasusre of driving up and down Aurora Ave on almost daily basis, I pass too many Pho restaurants to count.  From time to time I have the ambitious plan of sampling a bowl of Pho from each of them.  For now, I have been to two – Tic Tac Pho, and 5 Seasons Grill.

When it comes to ordering Pho, I usually stick to the basics, and order a small bowl with rare steak – no meaballs please.  I look for a flavorful, clear broth, tender beef, and a great variety of basil, jalapeno peppers and sprouts on a side, with lots of lime wedges.  If there’s any more tweaking to be done, I reach for Sriracha, hoisin, or chili sauce.
I have to say that both places did not disappoint.  The broth had a deep, rich flavor.  Tic Tac Pho had a fresher and lighter tasting broth.  The broth from 5 Seasons was sweeter and a tad too oily.  But all in all, a great bowl of pho!