My triplet Anna invited me to one of her favorite sushi places in Seattle: I Love Wasabi.  Who was I to say “no”?  I do love wasabi (it it not guacamole! beware).  And I love, love, sushi.  Plus, after my last seriously sad and disappointing sushi experience, I needed some quality rolls.

I started off with some tea and seaweed salad – two types of seaweed on one plate AND a decorative slice of carrot – creative 🙂  I definitely liked the crunchy, thin seaweed better – and that’s the traditional variety that is usually served in restaurants.  Nice hint of sesame oil.

Here is a selection of some of the rolls we ordered.  (We did have a few other people join us – in case you are thinking that we ate this all by ourselves, which actually wouldn’t be such a stretch, at least not for me).  I generally choose a rainbow roll, which is your basic California roll topped with slices of fresh fish – salmon, tuna, and yellowtail.  The I Love Wasabi had a pretty decent Rainbow roll, though I do wish that the crab (imitation perhaps?) inside the California roll had more flavor.  Other rolls included spicy tuna, California, and the Special Double Salmon roll which was my favorite, and unfortunately I can not remember its true name. 
I Love Wasabi, I shall be back.