Dear, Bastille Cafe & Bar, you had me at “Lamb Burger”.  I first noticed you while on the way to a sushi restaurant in Ballard.  My friend and I walked pass your inviting windows, peering through the glass and seeing happy patrons drinking wine and chatting.  We were tempted, but we had another destination in mind, and decided to put you on the list for future visit.  You didn’t have to wait long.  A week or so later, we came for a Happy Hour with a promise of one incredible lamb burger.

In all honesty, when your menu promised a Grilled Lamb Burger on a Lavash sesame bun with harissa aïoli, arugula, and pickled shallot for only $5 I was intrigued.  But the skeptic in me, was picturing a small slider of a burger with a very thin piece of lamb patty.  Was I ever wrong!

Our waiter arrived with two plates of lamb burgers.  Juicy, full size and oh so flavorful!  The buns were clearly toasted and held up to the harissa aioli (which could use a bit more heat).  I loved the pickled shallots against the usually fatty lamb, their acidity was a great balance.  The next time I have a craving for a lamb burger, you’ll be on the short list of destinations.  Thank you.