The next place to underwhelm was Canyons Restaurant in Redmond.  This was a get together location for a meetup group.  Understandably, the place had a convenient location for most, size/capacity, and affordability factors.  Our server was wonderful, dealing with over 25 women, making sure our drinks were refilled and presenting each one of us with a separate check didn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Driving to the restaurant, I was aware of the fact that I am not about to have a transcending food experience.  But I was looking forward to finding something on the menu that I would like.   Afterall, the restaurant itself claims: “Canyons menu has something for everyone.”

I was in the mood for a burger.  To my surprise, the menu didn’t have a Southwestern Burger.  When asked, the waitress didn’t offer to have the kitchen improvise – perhaps a burger with guacamole, roasted poblano peppers and Pepper Jack cheese would be a good idea for a Southwestern Slanted restaurant.  Just saying.

I went with the Enchilada Verde.  How did it make me miss that truly authentic Mexican or good Tex-Mex dishes I’ve had in Texas!  This version of enchiladas smelled like a jar of slightly over-its-prime can of tomatillos.  Sour.  The chicken was hidden by globs of warm sour cream and stringy cheese.  The beans were lacking any sort of flavor.  I had to borrow some salsa from one of my dining partners in attempt to save them from drowning.

While talking about food, one of the ladies mentioned her experience at a Chinese restaurant.  Native of Taiwan, she said the food was so bad that she couldn’t find the right words in English to describe it.  When sending the food back, she has to switch to her native language to convey the food’s poor quality.  If only the kitchen staff at Canyons spoke Russian šŸ™‚

And before someone says – don’t expect much from the chain restaurants, it doesn’t have to be so.  I’ve had plenty of good burgers at Ram’s and Red Robin.

If anyone at Canyons is reading this, please take notice.  Offering everything under the sun on your menu usually means that quality suffers.