What happens when you double the recipe?  You have twice as many Hamantaschen to make!  Honestly, I got a tad tired rolling out, cutting out, filling, and shaping the first night, so I left the rest of the dough for the next day.

The dough remained the same but the filling changed.
Number one, I ran out of the chocolate chips.  And to be perfectly honest, I didn’t like the chocolate chips too much in the first batch – they were delicious while the Hamantaschen were warm – still gooye and oozing the rich, chocolate goodness.  However, once the Hamantschen cooled, the chocolate chips completely hardened, and didn’t add much to the filling.

What to do?  I mixed 2 parts blueberry jam, 1 part toasted chopped walnuts, and 1 part raisins.  It’s a miracle!!!  A truly delicious combination with great texture and thick enough to hold within the dough.  Still have that glass of milk handy?  Drink up!

One more thing, this time around, I held the batches of the formed Hamantaschen in the refrigerator prior to baking and I do think it helped them to retain the shape.  I also found that buttering the cookie sheet was unnecessary.