It’s another quiet Saturday over here. I’ve come to rely on the chill time early in the morning, just reading in bed, and then making a cup of tea and going on with the day.

I’ve been reading Friday Nights by Joanna Trollope. Nothing extraordinary, but interesting enough. A novel about a group of women from different paths, who come together and share their lives. A few more chapters and then it’s on to the next book.

There were a few cooked beets in the refrigerator, and I decided to make the best out of them. The choice was vinegret (no, not a vinaigrette). Vinegret is a very traditional Russian salad made from beets, potatoes, carrots, green peas, eggs, and pickles. For the dressing, you can do mayonnaise or vegetable oil – I went with the combination of olive and sunflower oils.

As if this wasn’t enough, I wanted to make something out of the 3-pound piece of Top Round London Broil. Why not stew? Sadly, the chunk of beef has yet to thaw out, so the stew has to wait. I did go ahead and cut the meat into chunks – actually having it half frozen was quite helpful and made cutting a bit easier.

Movies with Subtitles
I watched a French movie La Buche. I wish I spoke French. One of the characters in the movie was a Russian translator and a singer in a Russian restaurant. She sang “Ochi Cherniye (Black Eyes),” one of my favorite Russian folk songs.