I was at a Blockbuster’s location, sifting through the movies that I haven’t seen yet and wanted to watch (a very small pile) when a man approached me asking if the car parked outside of the store with NY license plates was mine. I got worried – was there something wrong with my car?

Turns out, the man was just curious because he has lived in New York prior to moving to Birmingham. When I told him that it was in fact my car, he detected an accent and asked if I was Russian. I said I was. And that was a start of a 10+ minute conversation, at the end of which I wanted to pull my hair out and run away – I did leave the store in such a hurry, that I left behind my cell phone.

Back to the man – he informed me that his great-grandparents were from Russia. Where in Russia you might ask? KIEV!!! For those of you who might not know, Kiev is a capital of Ukraine. So I informed him that his great-grandparents were actually from Ukraine, not Russia. Oh, but he insisted that Kiev used to be a part of Russia. Really? Interesting. But I stood my grounds.

Then he continued asking questions and talking in a very obnoxious way up until the moment I paid for my movie and left. And the movie? Not even worth it! It was The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, II. The first one made me fall in love with Greece and I’ve been looking forward to seeing the second one, which disappointed, like most sequels do.