The spring is here. The flowers are beginning to bloom, the trees are blossoming, and Birmingham is slowly turning green. And as the temperature outside begins to rise, the temperature in my kitchen starts to cool off. Afterall, who wants to have the oven on 350F or simmering a pot on the stove for hours when it’s warm out? So for dinner tonight, I made a very quick saute – succotash style.

In a saute pan, heat up olive oil, add a cut-up Spicy Italian chicken sausage, kernels of one fresh corn, sliced scallion, and a handful of sliced green beans. Saute for 10 minutes, enough for the corn and the sausage to caramelize – the green beans will still be nice and crunchy. Season with ground red pepper, S&P and gently stir in a chopped roma tomato – the heat of the saute will slightly warm up the tomato. Twist of lime juice and you are ready to eat!