For the last few months, I have tried to go to the JCC gym trying to take advantage of my two-month free membership. Sadly, my less-than-present love for the traditional work outs has kept me far away from the elliptical and arc trainers at the gym. On the days that I did make it over there, I was literally holding the wheel of my car for dear life as I took one turn after another, following one curvy road before taking yet another one. The drive home would be even worse, since apparently street lights have not been invented in Birmingham as of yet.

Luckily, my GPS has been a pretty good guide. And for the most part, I have managed to veer to the right, instead of the left, and correctly counted three turns as a British voice of my GPS clearly instructed “take a left, then keep left, then take the third right.” I believe I have named my British GPS co-pilot Ben – very British.

Back to the point. The last time I was driving to the gym, I decided to silent Ben and check to see if I could get to my destination on my own. And I did! I took all the right (and left) turns and when I arrived at the gym, I shared my success with the desk attendant. She smiled and simply said “small victories.” That got me thinking…sometimes, celebrating the smallest of victories can bring a satisfaction, even if short lived. And why not? Each small victory is just a step toward a big victory.