The Southern Living @ Home department was having a sale today of their old merchandise inventory. Never one to pass a good bargain, I stood in line of exciting and anxious employees, armed with my checkbook, “patiently” waiting for 11:30am.

Once the clock turned to 11:30am, the mystery merchandise, boxed up, and marked with $1/$2/$3 and up was up for grabs. Easier said than done. At the end, I purchased a pitcher, a set of glasses, a creamer & sugar bowl set, a few candles, and a candelabra. But rather than using the purchased items for their obvious purpose, I tried something different.

And so, the beautiful pitcher became a container to hold my kitchen tools. Since the pitcher was too tall, I stuffed it with a few plastic bags to “raise its bottom” – and now the tools fit perfectly.

Having enough drinking glasses, I decided to turn the 4-glass set into a perfect bathroom container set. Bonus points – the green of the glass matches my shower curtain (more on that later). Notice that the glass I’m using to hold make-up brushes has dried lentils as a base.