This is the most amusing thing ever. Recently, I installed a sitemeter application on my blog to see who was visiting my site, how they found my blog, etc.

Tracking my visitors over the last month or so, I noticed that I get the most hits from people who google “brown mango” – the visitors come from all over the United States (California, New York, etc.) and also worldwide (England, Australia, Canada, New Zealand).

Isn’t it a peculiar thing? Last year I wrote a post Mango in the Winter are like Blind Dates. I was in Des Moines at that time and have purchased beautiful mangoes from a grocery store just to discover ugly, brown, and mushy inside flesh. Well, clearly I am not the only person with a brown mango problem. So here’s what happens. People go to google and try to find a solution for brown mangoes, and my blog comes up as the first link. Who knew!