Alright, partially this is my fault, apparently I am not capable of writing down a correct routing number for my bank. So instead of getting a direct deposit, I get a check mailed to me. Which is a problem. You might ask “why?” The answer is simple – my bank doesn’t have a single branch here in Alabama – I think the closest one is in Georgia, over 80 miles away.

What is a girl to do? Open a new bank account of course. So I look around Birmingham, and try to select between Compass, Regions, Wachovia and a few other local banks. Comparing their geographical location, I decide to go with Regions – plus they give you a pretty free green canvas bag when you join (I can use it for groceries instead of plastic bags – why is it that the grocery stores insist on packing almost every single item in its own plastic bag?).

So anyway, I take a break from work (since I usually pretty much work through lunch – aka work lunch) and drive to a Regions bank. I walk into the first cubicle and tell the lady that I want to open an account. She asks to see my driver’s license, and I tell her that I don’t have an AL driver’s license because I am here only for 6 months.

What happens next? My accent PLUS “6 months” apparently translates to “you are from a foreign country, and are only in the United States for 6 months, therefore you do not get to open a bank account.” Apparently there aren’t that many people in Alabama with foreign accents – there are plenty with Southern accents.

After sometime of explaining that I in fact do not have a student/work visa because I am a U.S. citizen, and that my NY license should be valid, I got an account open. Seriously? I should carry my certificate of citizenship with me from now on.