I’ve been thinking (I’ve had quite a lot of time for this lately) – for someone who loves security and stability, I have been moving every 6 months for the last 2 years. No, I’m not running from the law.

The moving around started when I left Dallas to attend The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. Six months into my studies at the CIA, I packed up and moved to Des Moines, IA for an internship with Cuisine at home magazine. Loved the internship, hated being in Des Moines October through March, which was probably the toughest winter I’ve experienced.

In March, I drove back to Upstate NY to finish the CIA. Fast forward to October ’08. With an associate degree from the school, with honors, I had no job or job prospects, and so once again, I packed up and moved to Virginia to stay with my sister.

Few months later, I was fortunate to accept an internship with Southern Living magazine and took a 14-hour trip to Birmingham, AL. You’d think the moving was over then, at least for the length of the internship. Well, without all of my boxes fully unpacked, I ended up packing again this weekend and moving again – new roommate, new apartment, and a much happier me.

So perhaps, as long as the moving is taking me to bigger and better places, it might not be so bad afterall.