I am a big fan of brunch. I still remember the fabulous brunch I would have in Dallas at Ziziki’s restaurant – the infamous unlimited mimosas, extensive selection of Greek specialties (dolmas, hummus, olives) along with the All-American pancakes, fresh fruit and scrambled eggs. Their coffee was strong and rich, with just a slight hint of cinnamon. I would spend several hours sitting at large wooden tables at Ziziki’s with my friends, snacking on olives, mini bagels with smoked salmon, and trying to stay away from the chocolate cake. We’d sip mimosas and catch up on our lives. Then I would drive home, hopefully basking in the Dallas sunshine, get in bed and nap for the rest of the afternoon. Sundays could never be much better.

This past Sunday, I decided to explore the brunch side of Birmingham starting with Cosmo’s. I was attracted to the restaurant (casual and fun, in a somewhat hip at least by this city’s standard part of Birmingham – Five Points) and the menu looked promising. Joined by a few SPC interns, I declared Sunday, February 1st “Brunch Day”.
The were several tempting options on the menu, but once I saw a combination of poached eggs, smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce, I closed the menu, so as not to change my mind.

My selection (I sadly no longer remember it’s name, and for some reason it’s no longer on the menu) arrived assembled on two toasted English muffins, with several out-out-place tomato slices and an interesting looking starch item on a side. Being oh-so-un-Southern, I chose to forego smoked gouda grits in favor of a hash brown casserole.

Here are my thoughts. The casserole was less than inspiring. The texture was very mushy and felt under-cooked. I missed a side of hash browns – toasted golden, with a crisp outer layer and tender middle. The hollandaise sauce was slightly broken and oily (the English muffins provided a nice sponge for the puddle). The eggs were split, so to speak. One egg yolk was perfectly soft, and happily ran once poked with a fork. The second yolk did not budge – it was cooked too long and was solidly set in the middle.

I would say this was not a bad first attempt for brunch. More to come in the future. And if you do go to Cosmo’s, check out their make-your-own Bloody Mary bar. I was tempted to give it a try, but at $7/drink had a change of hearts.