(I have a feeling I’ll have quite a few of these entries over the next few months here).

I went to a Dollar store yesterday to pick up a few cleaning supply items (why pay more if you don’t have to, right?). I have to admit, in general there are quite a few useful items you can pick at a Dollar store – like the above mentioned cleaning supplies, perhaps some tea candles, some kitchen items, etc. As a general rule, I stay away from any food items – although, there recently has been a book published called The 99 Cent Only Stores Cookbook: Gourmet Recipes at Discount Prices.

Well, imagine my shock and surprise when during my check out I notice a pregnancy detection test at the register. Seriously!? First of all, why would the store carry a pregnancy detection test, and most importantly, who would actually go ahead and buy a pregnancy test at a Dollar store!?