Rise and shine. It was a slightly earlier wake up call for me this morning. Forget the 10 o’clock morning sun, beaming at me through the window, pulling me out of bed. Instead, today I woke up on my own will at 6:30 in the morning, even without an alarm clock! Must be the nerves.

I headed out of the apartment just to see my car covered in the film of ice – welcome to the South! The cold front must follow me across the country. It’s a good thing I still have my handy dandy plastic scraper courtesy of Des Moines winter. I scraped, thawed, wiped and drove to work (pass some pretty big mansions – almost as big as the ones in Dallas).

I received a warm welcome (with some hugs) at work and got situated in my cubicle. Shocker of shocks – I’ll be working on a Mac!!! I haven’t used a Mac since high school. Time to learn.

Then it was time for paperwork – the usual, including the W-4 form – one of these days I’ll learn how many exemptions to claim and if I qualify for a head of household. For now, I had to remind myself that at my current income bracket it probably makes no difference.

Alright, to actual work stuff. I attended a monthly planning meeting where the editors of Southern Living and the test kitchen staff discussed the layout and stories for December 2009 issue! That’s right, Dec ’09, and we’re just in January. It was a bit overwhelming, I kept on looking from one person to the next, trying to remember their names and what they did – why weren’t they wearing nametags?! Seriously!

Then came the part that is a perk for those lucky to work at the culinary magazine – tasting! Several of the recipes tested were presented family style for the staff to taste and discuss. That made for a lovely “tapas-style” lunch. We had stuffing-stuff filet mignon, grilled sandwiches with pesto, sunny side up eggs, and bacon. Then came the series of recipes from pecan testing – pecan/gorgonzola buns, turkey/arugula/artichoke hearts/feta salad, croissant french toast, and there was even ice cream. It’s a good thing you get just a taste or two of each.

Back at my desk, I answered a few of the subscribers’ email questions in regards to the baking pans substitutions and found an old recipe using one of the intranet sites – success!!! – my skills as a former Research Analyst have not failed me, the Fed should be proud 🙂

So far so good!