A few years ago when visiting me in New York, Olga has purchased a beautiful silver ring at one of the boutiques in Brooklyn. I have admired the ring and wanted it to be mine. But alas, the store had only one ring to sell, and Olga beat me to it. I admit, the thought of just taking the ring and hoping that Olga wouldn’t notice it missing (she has an enormous collection of beautiful jewelry) has crossed my mind, but I just couldn’t do it.

So, imagine my surprise when today in the morning Olga handed me the ring! At first I thought she was giving it to me for keeps, which would’ve been great, but turns out she had even a better reason.

And now we get to the title of the post. Remember the movie, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? If for some reason you missed that masterpiece, the movie is about a pair of jeans that magically fits a group of friends. During the movie, each friend wears the jeans before passing it on to the next friend, and the jeans track the stories and adventures of their friendship.

But why share a pair of jeans when you can share a beautiful silver ring? Olga called the ring a Bravery Ring and gave it to me as a sign of bravery as I embark on my new adventure in Birmingham. As much as I would love to keep this ring, I can’t wait to pass it back to her as she takes a brave new step toward the future. To the Sisterhood of the Bravery Ring 🙂