I know, I know…I’ve heard it said many times before, over and over – Perfection does not exist, nobody is perfect. But a part of me still believed that one could strive for perfection and achieve it. And why wouldn’t I? I had a perfect (ha ha) role model – Martha Stewart. If anyone was perfect, it would be her, right? From ironing towels, to making handmade picture frames, and the perfect turkey, Martha could do it all, and has been doing so for many, many years. It is no surprise that I’ve been wanting to work for her empire for ages.

Well, my hero (heroine) has fallen. As I was diligently watching the morning shows while sitting around on Olga’s couch, I channel served between Rachael Ray and Martha Stewart. I finally settled on Martha to watch her shake, shake, shake a delicious cranberry vodka martini. Imagine my shock, when in the midst of shaking, Martha’s shaker falls apart and spills ruby red deliciousness all over Martha’s face and shirt. Strike one!

Well, the game hasn’t ended at that point. In the next segment, when Martha reaches in the oven to pull a perfectly baked sheet tray of cinnamon buns, what do you know? She shuts the oven door in the matter of nanoseconds. What could be a reason? Oh, the buns are burned, baby, burned. Strike two!

Someone might be losing their jobs…and what about me? I just lost my deeply held believe in a perfectionism.