Last year I dressed up as a Dancing Queen for a Halloween Party. (Go ABBA!) The costume choice shouldn’t be much of a surprise given my obsession (healthy of course) with salsa, and the fact that I own an awesome red dress (courtesy of being in Jenny’s wedding a few years ago).

The party was fun, the red velvet cupcakes were to die for, and when the “Dancing Queen” by ABBA came blaring from the ipod, everyone at the party guessed my intended costume. After the party the dress went back into the closet (right now it’s packed in one of the boxes, stacked on top of more boxes in Olga’s living room), and I returned to regular dancing.

Fast forward a year ago. I am now in DC where I am feeding my sole and body with salsa dancing, which I have been sadly deprived during my stay in Upstate New York. Here in DC, Olga and I have been frequenting Salsa Room on Fridays and Saturdays. This past Saturday, the club was having a $100 bachata contest. After much begging and pleading, I convinced my favorite partner Parker to enter the competition with me.

And then the magic happened! Out of 8 couples that entered the dance off, Parker and I took the first place!!! All these years of dancing have finally paid off, literally!

Love, Dancing Queen