Remember that Rachel Ray’s show, $40 a day?
Well, how about $400 a day? Plus, instead of visiting just ONE city or state, if you follow my plan, you’ll visit four states! Here’s how. (Note: $ amounts have been rounded up to full value at some instances)

1. Pre-purchases a one-day roundtrip ticket Washington, DC – Birmingham, Al. You need to make sure that on the way to Birmingham you fly through Detroit, MI (state #2), and on the way back from Birmingham, AL (state #3) you fly through Memphis, TN (state #4). Cost of the ticket $300.

2. Call a cab for 5AM on Monday. Arrive at Reagan National Airport, thank the cab driver and deposit $9 into his hand, happy that you made it to the airport on time.

3. Save $1 or $2 by skipping on *$s (Starbucks), and instead purchase an iced coffee from Euro Cafe. $2

4. Fly from DC to Detroit, make connection flight just to be delayed due to some de-icing problems (figures, since you have a very tight connection, and a meeting in Birmingham).

5. Thank your lucky stars when you arrive in Birmingham in time to frantically speed-walk to the Budget car-rental counter where you deposit $61 for a ONE day car rental. Politely decline an up charge for GPS since you brought your own with you (thanks parents!)

6. Arrive at Southern Progress Corporation, interview with Southern Living and Cooking Light. Take a tour of the facilities and snack on free and delicious strawberries…and cheese…and crackers.

7. Get back into the rental car, drive back to the airport, stopping at a gas station to fill up (to avoid paying $7.99/gallon in gas). Stand for what seems forever by the rental car while trying to figure out how in the world to open the gas-thingie-maging. Finally realize that it’s a manual opening, fill up 1.5 gallons ($3) and head back to the airport.

8. Because you are so tired that you could easily pass out, you buy a BBQ pulled pork plate with fried green tomatoes and potato salad to keep yourself nourished. $9 but worth every cent. It even comes with unexpected two individual corn bread muffins (you eat only one, b/c seriously, how much can you actually eat?)

9. You fly from Birmingham to Memphis where you stop by a lounge/restaurant, attracted by a live music performance. Sit and enjoy free entertainment.

10. Prior to boarding the plane to head back to DC, you stop by *$s (pop quiz – remember what it means?) and buy a medium (ok, grande) iced tea – 50% passion, 50% green. $3

11. Finally back in DC, you take a metro back. $1.35

Cost of the trip $400
Visiting 4 states in 1 day and interviewing with one of the largest magazines in the nation – PRICELES