Now that I’m done with The CIA, I sadly no longer have the luxury of eating in The CIA kitchens which offered a selection of 25 entrees on any given day. As such, my brain has to think back to 2 years ago when grocery shopping and home cooking were just a few of the routine tasks. I honestly have forgotten what it’s like to do grocery shopping – but I’m sure it’ll all come back soon enough.

Anyway, today for lunch I utilized some leftovers – the rice from the Russian Tuna Salad and the roasted pork loin from last night’s dinner. The salad couldn’t be any easier to put together.

In a bowl, mix the following: cooked rice, diced mango, diced pork loin (cooked), minced jalapeno, diced red onion. For a dressing, combine freshly squeezed lime juice, S&P, cumin (I’d prefer to use fresh cilantro but didn’t have any on hand) and oil (olive oil was a bit too heavy, something more neutral like canola oil would’ve worked better).