Today, September 25th marks the official end of my kitchen classes at the CIA – the checkered pants that have been a pain in my waist for so long are in the trash, and so is the apron that has been bleached over and over again and yet still has the grey stains from the aluminum steel that is so prevalent in our kitchens.

Today marks the end of paper toques, burners that don’t work, greasy sheet trays, and mismatched pots and pans. I’m hoping it is also the end of slicing my finger and going to the emergency room to stop the bleeding, or burning my arms in a 400F oven. But sadly it is also the end of experiencing and learning from some great chefs and instructors.

What’s next? Over the next three weeks – my LAST three weeks at The CIA, I will be taking Front of The House class, working in the dining room of the American Bounty restaurant, which kitchen I occupied over the last three weeks. With a smile and a notepad, I will take food and drink orders from our customers and deliver their food in a timely manner. I’ll be a waitress!!!