A few days ago I got a call from the Financial Aid Office – in the middle of my class. A bit panicked, I picked up the phone to find out why they were contacting me – as far as I was concerned, I was fully paid through the last two classes at the CIA and no longer owed anything to the school.

Turns out, that for once, the school wasn’t asking me for money, but were giving me a scholarship! As a student with the highest GPA in my class, I was honored with the Presidential Scholarship Award – very exciting!

On my way to the Financial Aid office, I was contemplating the generosity of the award – boy did I have high hopes! For the school that is definitely expensive, the award was rather skimpy. The Presidential Scholarship amounted to $1,000 or 1.5% of the tuition. Yeah!

Next week, I will be presented the award during the new student orientation for the incoming class, in hope of inspiring a few students to reach high for academic achievement.