I am a bit embarrassed to share this story. I’ve had my car for a bit over 4 years and over the last 4 years have driven quite a bit – particularly in the last year (New York to Iowa and back, Iowa to Wisconsin, NY to DC, etc.). I’ve been getting better at driving long distances, but still, it’s hard, and I get tired – especially my right foot, controlling the gas and break pedal.

From time to time, during the dreadful hours of driving, I have been considering using the cruise control feature of my car – but somehow, randomly pressing the buttons has never worked for me – and I wasn’t about to pull out a manual while driving 80 mph (i mean 60 mph…of course).

Well, the wait is over. This Labor Day weekend, on the drive from Montreal to Hyde Park, my friend and co-driver Erica has patiently explained the use of cruise control. I am a changed driver.

I wonder what else I have been missing out on πŸ™‚