Here’s one more scholarship essay. The theme was nuts 🙂

I was never quite sure why nuts are often associated with the state of being foolish. Why is it that we might ask “Are you nuts?” when a person does something unreasonable? Nuts are glorious, healthy, delicious, and versatile, and as such should be celebrated.

Thinking back to my childhood, I have several individual memories of nuts that stand out. In winter months, my family would go cross-country skiing in Russia. As nourishment, my father would pack little bags of roasted nuts that he would share with us to help during the last leg of the race. Sometimes still warm, the nuts were just enough to give us an extra burst of energy.

As a special birthday treat, my mother baked walnut cookies. Shaped as a walnut, the crumbly shortbread dough had a filling of condensed milk mixed with chopped walnuts. I still remember the pure joy of eating those cookies.

My first experience with peanuts was on the flight from Moscow, Russia to New York, when my family moved to the United States in 1993. On the plane, as we were fighting jet leg and fatigue, the stewardess passed around individual bags of honey-roasted peanuts. The novelty of the flavored peanuts and the packaging impressed even the adults in the family.

I hope I would never have to choose my favorite nut. I love chocolate-covered macadamia nuts from Hawaii, roasted chopped walnuts in chocolate chip cookies, and spicy almonds. I find it almost therapeutic and joyful to crack hazelnuts and Brazilian nuts. So perhaps if I am ever asked “Are you nuts?” I would take the question as a compliment.