It was a Tuesday night and I was salsa dancing – life doesn’t get any better. Who would’ve known that there is a local coffee place in Poughkeepsie – Muddy Cup – that has salsa dancing every other Tuesday. Wood floors, plenty of space, it’s the stuff the dreams are made of.

Now, the whole salsa world dances on ONE, and that’s how I learned to dance. New York, however must be quite special, b/c most everyone here dances on TWO – they start moving on a different beat, and the dance seems to be off balance in a way, more “steppy” than fluid.

What’s the saying? “When in Rome, do as the Romans do?” I thought being in New York would be the perfect opportunity to try dancing on two, and last night I did – once with the instructor, and once with this really smooth dancer – it was fun, I think I got a hang of it.

Now, a touch of sugar. One guy asked me to dance, started speaking Spanish right away and was rather confused that I didn’t speak Spanish. He was Colombian, I told him I was Russian. He didn’t believe me. He looked me up and down, danced a bit more, and then

He said: “Are you sure you are Russian?”
me: “Yes, I am.”

him: “I don’t believe it, you must have some sugar in you”