Allow me to introduce myself, although many of you know who I am. I am Olga: Anna’s editor, friend (most of the time!) and of course her twin sister. As Anna’s twin, I know pretty much everything that goes on in her life, and in that capacity I will be a contributing writer for her blog.

You must have noticed that she hasn’t posted an update in quite some time, and that’s where I step in. You’ll notice that I like adding links, pictures, etc. Enjoy the read! And thanks for stopping by.

As I mentioned earlier, Anna has been quite busy the last few weeks finishing Mediterranean cooking class and starting a new class: WINE!

School related “stuff”
* apparently reading for school can be fun: Anna said that the Exploring Wine is one of the best written books she’s ever read and full of insightful information. She even mentioned wanting to sit under a tree and read it cover to cover…fascinating!
* Last week Anna went to “The City” aka New York City for a food tour of Greenwich village with her school. This is something both her and I wanted to do last year for our birthday, but the tour was sold out: maybe next year?
* in June Anna will be going to
Canyon Ranch Spa in Lenox, Massachusetts. Unfortunately, this is not a pampering trip; however, hopefully they will feed Anna and the other students. The purpose of this trip is to learn how to cook health-conscious food at a resort. Anna is contemplating staying in Boston overnight and doing some site-seeing.

Personal stuff
* Anna made a grand return to salsa dancing. Obviously the salsa scene in Upstate NY is not nearly as happening as it is in DC, Dallas, Seattle or NY, but she managed to find her way to several clubs (thanks to the GPS my parents gave her), and the most recent visit to the Mariner’s Harbor in Kingston, NY was fun! She quickly identified a qualified dancer, approached and asked him to dance. He turned out to be great and introduced her to a very young guy who has been competing in Latin dance for a year. He was super young guy, but who cares? Dancing is dancing.

* There has been some scandalous activity a few weekends ago, but I’m not allowed to disclose the details. I can say that she finally made her way to Brighton Beach, where Russian language was heard everywhere.

* Anna found my “Rocker” tshirt! and finally is sending it back! Score!

I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed this mini update!