When it rains, it pours. I suppose the same could be said about the amount of dancing I fit into the weekend.

As if salsa wasn’t enough on Friday night, I attended a milonga (tango) on Saturday night.
Held at Strictly Ballroom Studio in Newburgh, New York, the dance marked my overdue return to tango. In fact, I first started taking tango lessons in Dallas, prior to discovering my obsession with salsa. Once I began salsa, there was no turning back, and I stopped taking tango lessons.

However, from time to time, I would attempt to take tango lessons, but somehow the men in the group were never quite to the level of the women, and I felt held back. So I stuck with salsa, and would go tango dancing about once a year when visiting Lera (a tango extraordinaire) in Seattle. I always found tango sensual, dramatic, and hot.

So, off to tango I went. I thought that starting with a free lesson would be a good idea. I was greeted by a husband-wife team instructors, probably in their 60s. Not sure how else to put it, but they looked like tango dancers 🙂 There was a married couple and me who wanted to take a lesson. We started by walking to the rhythm and then learned a few steps.

The dancers started arriving, and this time the age average was about 40-50s. Just like with salsa, the tango community feels like a family. The members were very happy to see each other and welcoming to the newcomers. I got to dance with quite a few elderly gentlemen, staying as far from the close embrace as possible. Fun night. I made it back to campus without being pulled over by a cop.