It’s been my mission to find a salsa place around school. Today, the mission has been officially accomplished. I went salsa dancing in Kingston, NY in Rosendale Cafe.

Driving for 45 minutes along the curvy, woodsy roads of Upstate New York to reach my destination reminded of two things – #1 people in Upstate New York do not believe in lighting the roads and #2 I would go (drive) to great lengths for salsa.

The cafe, very cute and charming, with wooden floors and original photographs on the walls, was a far departure from the salsa clubs I am used to. The inhabitants of this salsa night were not the norm either. I felt like I was crushing a middle-aged suburban community dance. I was a good 15-20 years younger than the average person, reasonably overdressed, and not accompanied by a husband or a significant other.

But what is great about a salsa community, of any kind, at any location, is that it welcomes you. It invites you in. I danced, and eventhough I have danced in the past with much better dancers, I was happy to salsa again.

On the way back to school, my GPS system has failed me for the first time, and as I was trying to make some sense out of the roads, not being able to see much further pass the car lights, I saw bright flashing lights of the police car behind me. I felt so lost, that I almost didn’t care why I was being pulled over.

I stopped, rolled down the window, and waited for the officer to approach me.
The officer :good evening. Can I see your license and registration please?
Me: good evening officer. (wondering why I never carry my car registration with me). Is something wrong?
The officer: are you feeling alright? you seem to be having a problem driving. You are driving 30mph in a 55 mph zone.
Me: yes, I am alright. Except I am lost, and can’s see very well in the dark.
The officer: I see. I just wanted to check that you weren’t too intoxicated to be driving.
Me: (thank god I didn’t have that glass of wine at salsa!). Thank you. Could you please let me know how to get back to Hyde Park?

He gave me directions and got on his way. I tried to reprogram my GPS system, and gave it a chance to redeem itself, but once again, it failed, and I had to turn around. I finally made it back on campus, safely.