One of the benefits of attending the CIA are the regular extra curriculum activities on campus.
In the past, I’ve attended caviar tastings, visits to local farms and wineries, food writer panels, etc.

Yesterday, after a long day in the kitchen, dripping with sweat and feeling overly gross and exhausted, I couldn’t think of anything better than a cool shower and a wine tasting. I was in luck, the wine club was sponsoring a $2 wine tasting.

6 generous pours of wine, and I felt much better. We were comparing wines made from the same grape but produced in different regions – Europe vs. US – to see the differences a certain terrain makes on the taste of wine. My palette is not developed enough to discern the specific differences, but I could appreciate quite apparent variations in taste, flavor, color, and body.

At the end of the tasting the students were encouraged to pour any of the undrunk wine (what?!) into trash receptacles. There were quite a few wine tasting sets that weren’t used due to a lower than expected turn out. Rather than pouring out the wine, my friend and I decided to do a different sort of cleaning – we drank the wine…obviously! It’s good to be living within a 2-minute walking distance, no concern of driving.

And my favorite wine of the night was the Sauvignon Blanc from California.