A few months ago I wrote about drinking on a job – when I was at Cuisine at home I was developing a recipe for a Limoncello Mint Lemonade and obviously had to taste the product (more than once) to arrive to the final recipe which is currently gracing the backcover of the March/April issue of Cuisine at home.

The drinking continued, so to speak, but this time it was in class. Assigned with a project to develop a pear recipe for the Baking Class, my partner and I decided to make a pear pizza (thin crust, apricot marmalade, arugula, pear, goat cheese and prosciutto) and a pear mojito. With some free time on our hands, we worked on the pear mojito recipe in class yesterday. Delicious.

Pear Mojito
-simple syrup infused with mint and lime juice
-pear liquor
-pear puree
-mint sprig
-squeeze of lime juice
-club soda