Back into the uniform, the stiff white jacket, the high wasted checkered pants, and the oh-so flimsy toque (chef hat).

The L block is finally over, and we just started a 3-week class Baking for the Culinary.
Day 1 – we baked baguettes: it’s about a 6 hour process from start to finish. Baguettes are considered to be a lean dough bread (just flour, water, salt, and yeast – no fat). We applied a straight-dough method (everything gets mixed together) – scaled ingredients, mixed, bulk fermented, folded, fermented some more, shaped the loaves, scored the loaves, and baked.

We used a pizza oven, and had to add some steam (via water) to achieve a crusty outside. Not too bad – fresh, hand made bread is quite satisfying.

Tomorrow we’re making rolls.