Last week I attended a high school fashion show – it was a fundraiser for a local charity. I have to admit, I felt quite old amongst all the 16 year olds, but that’s beside the point.

The show was fun, the fashion was hit-and-miss, but it was all for a good cause. Most of the “models” happily strolled down the runway, smiling, and flirting with the camera, pumped up by the loud applause from their classmates and audience members. And then there was one girl who didn’t quite fit the happy-go-lucky image – when she came out, there was a very different vibe about her. She looked angry, pissed off, and dare I say … bitchy. Strange, I thought. She was pretty and her outfit was just fine. I couldn’t figure out the reason for her demeanor. After she appeared on the runway several more times, with the same look, I became even more curious.

Oh!!! It all made sense a few minutes later. Turns out, the girl is an exchange student from one of the Eastern European countries. She wasn’t bitchy – she just couldn’t help it, she was European. I’m sure she is quite lovely and friendly.