How do you explain basic division to a 10-year old? For example, 24 divided into 8 groups? Or even how to divide 10 by 2? I wish it was easier. The girl I have been tutoring for the last 5 months is incredibly bright, but I feel like today we hit a wall. Apparently, the way it is taught here in the United States is by actually drawing 24 objects (snowflakes, apples, etc.) and then drawing circles, forming 8 groups. But what’s the logic behind it?! Is it by guessing and continuous attempts is that the child needs to figure out that 24 divided by 8 is 3?
I tried to think back to the days when I was learning division, and honestly I remember just memorizing the tables – “simple” and easy. But all these years later it did stick with me.
So, here it is. I tried to explain the rules of division, and reverse multiplication to a 10-year-old. Some of it she got, some of it was still a challenge. But she promised to ask her teacher for further explanation, and I believe she’ll do it.

Off to dancing.