I can officially add a new title/job description to my resume – Hand Model.
No, I’m not joking 🙂

At the magazine, we shoot a lot of “step” photos for the recipes – usually, each recipe gets 2-3 step shots (pouring in marindade, tossing a salad, basting a piece of bbq chicken, etc). Usually, one of the art designers gets to be a hand model (the food editors are too busy prepping/cooking the food for the photo shoot).

I’ve mentioned a few times that I would like to offer my services as a hand model one of these days, and yesterday was my debut! It was quite fun, a bit stressful, but interesting at the same time. My hands are scheduled to appear in the July/August issue of the Cuisine at home. My modeling steps included:

* Pulsing vegetables in a food processor
* Adding ice to the bowl of soup
* Pressing grilled sandwiches with a skillet (to make paninis)