My internship at Cuisine is moving along, and I’m currently working on my third issue of the magazine, that will come out in August. The first issue I worked on would be available in March – exciting!

Here are the recipes that I’ve been developing – they are pretty close to being complete.

*Huli Huli Chicken Drumsticks (grilled) with Hawaiian Pasta Salad
*Korean BBQ with Kimchi Rice and Cucumber-Radish Salad

The recipes I developed for the June/July Issue:
*Cremini Marsala Pizza with Radicchio Salad
*Veracruz Rice
*Mole Rubbed Steak Fajitas + Sides
*Mexican Spicy Grilled Corn
*Grilled Scallop Teriyaki Salad
*Grilled Fattoush Salad

Since we are working on issues 6 months ahead of the publishing time, it’s summer-grilling time around here. Somewhat strange. They enclosed the outside patio with temporary walls, so we are grilling in there – smoky!