Eating on the job is one of the perks here at Cuisine. Lately though, I’ve been trying to avoid this perk (aka weight gain) by going to the gym during lunch. But one must still eat, right? What usually happens though, is by the time I’m back from the gym, the kitchen table is empty and I am left with a dilemma of what to eat (I’m not about to start packing my own lunches).

Yesterday, I came back from the gym and was admiring a take-out salad one of the art directors was eating. “Wow, the salad looks great!” I said loudly enough for the Editor of the magazine to hear. Less than 10 minutes later, John presented to me a plate of better-than-just-Greek salad – I can’t think of a better name, but it had mixed greens, red onions, feta, green olives, banana peppers, cherry tomatoes, in a fresh red vinegar oregano vinaigrette. And if that wasn’t enough, he had grilled pita bread, cut into wedges, on a side.