This is a very happening time in Iowa and you can’t help but catch a political fever when you are here.
Last night the fever was running high and the only cure was to attend Obama’s event at a local middle school.

This was “take II” for Obama. The night before, there was a scheduled Change Rocks! event with India Arie, Kal Penn (actor) and Brandon Routh (the new Superman). To great surprise and disappointment, the event didn’t happen. I showed up to a dark and empty parking lot; there were no signs. A friend of mine and I went home to check the venue website, Obama’s website, and even called his headquarters in Des Moines. Nada – nobody knew anything about the concert. What were we to do? We ended up going out for martinis instead. (I’ve got to say that “French Kiss” is probably one of the most delicious alcoholic concoctions out there). On the way out from Dueling Pianos, we dropped by Obama’s campaign office. An overworked volunteer was very sorry to inform us that apparently the concert was cancelled and offered to sing one of India Arie’s song to us. We politely declined, and went for a second round of martinis.

Thinking that Obama deserves a second chance, and not willing to give up on possibly seeing history made right in front of our eyes, we decided to go and hear him speak last night. I’m not exactly sure what I expected from the event. The school auditorium was packed and buzzing, people were dancing, waving their signs, yelling some Obama cheers and rhymes. It was all very exciting.

And then Obama made his entrance. If you didn’t know any better, you would’ve thought there was a rock star in the house…I almost got the chills. He was passionate, smart, very funny and inspiring. Not to sound naive, but he came off being down to earth, and honest.