I spent a wonderful 4-day weekend with my friend Jenny and her family in Wisconsin! Thanks again to the Smiths for welcoming me to their home and adopting me for the holidays – I had a great time.

As I was driving back to Des Moines yesterday, I was surprised by how many firsts I experienced during the weekend – here’s the list:

First time in Wisconsin: Milwaukee, Madison, and the farm

First time I walked a dog. I have went out with a few dogs before, but never walked one 🙂

First time I saw donkeys up close and personal – on the farm. They were actually somewhat graceful and royal looking. Who would’ve thought?

First time I tried a pumpkin pie (with whipped cream, of course) – I was surprised that I actually liked it. My fear that the pie would have too much cinnamon luckily did not come true.

Fist time I had eggnog – a bit too rich and creamy for my taste, but it was nice to sip a little bit of it

First time I had cheddar cheese curds – both fresh and deep fried variety. Feel free to guess which kind I liked better.

First time I ate butter burgers at Culver’s – home to ButterBurgers and Frozen Custard. That’s where I had my first taste of fried cheese curds as well.

First time I listened to music boxes that are 100 years old. Absolutely beautiful and a beautiful sound. Amazing how people could make something that still works 100 years later.

When I was driving from Des Moines to Milwaukee, the weather was acting up, it was extremely foggy for the entire drive, and I could hardly see more than a quarter of a mile ahead. However, on the way back, the sun was out, the sky was blue, and the snow was glistening. A beautiful sight.