Oh the fun of ice storms…what could be more exciting?

How I miss having a garage! I spent almost half an hour in freezing weather, trying to pry the door of my car open so I could get in. Wonderful upper body strength exercise. The car was literally shot. It was entirely covered with ice ranging from 1/4″ to an inch. I spent almost an hour after work, attempting to crack the ice with my plastic scraper (what a joke). Apparently, tapping the ice, rather than scraping it, works better. I stood and tapped, and cracked, to the sounds of shattering glass (I was almost worried that along with breaking the ice off the car, I would accidentally break the glass – luckily, that didn’t happen).

This is the second ice storm of the month, and I can only imagine what is to come in the following months of winter. Might need to upgrade my plastic ice scraper.