Of all the famous Hillaries out there – Duff, Swank (technically this one is a Hilary) – I happened to run into Hillary Clinton.

The setting – Olga was visiting me in Des Moines for Thanksgiving and on Sunday we went to La Mie Bakery for brunch. The wait was taking forever, but I didn’t think anything of it – it was afterall a busy time. All of a sudden, several very tall men, dressed in suits appeared by the entrance, wearing an ear piece. We knew something was “up”. And our assumption was further validated when he heard a round of applause coming from a dining area.

Olga asked a very nice man with an ear piece what was going on, and he informed her in a matter-of-fact way that Hillary Clinton was having brunch at the bakery. Everyone around us (including us) got very excited and attempted to get a peak of Hillary. Success!!! She must’ve gotten up to say hello to someone, or shake their hand, but we saw her, in all her glory. It was rather exciting. And then to add to the excitement, Olga and I were seated directly across from Hillary’s table, separated by a booth divider – we couldn’t exactly see her, but she was close enough, that had I been obnoxious, I could reach out and pet her head.

The menu at La Mie was short and sweet, so it’s quite possible that Hillary and us shared the same entree.

And that’s what happens on a regular Sunday in Des Moines, IA