The longest running monologue on Broadway, Defending the Caveman made its way to Des Moines. I thought this was yet another perfect opportunity to get some insight into gender relations and differences.

According to the show, men and women are from different cultures – hunters vs. gatherers – and as such, we have different customs, different languages (that do not translate), and different ways of behavior. For example – as hunters, men have a narrow scope of concentration, they can handle only one goal at a time, and therefore can not multitask (duh!). Women, on the other hand, as gatherers, see a large picture (forest, not the tree), often congregate in groups, and can multi-task. These differences can clearly explain how men and women behave when they shop, ask for directions, communicate with their friends, etc.

On a lighter note 🙂 here are some of my favorite excerpts from the show:
* penis – sex organ or birth defect?
* baseball – bunch of guys hanging out, standing far from each other
* women bond through conversations. details during these conversations are their gifts to one another. details=friendship
* you are a man, you have a penis, and i hate you
* men’s body is a computer. once you access it, it gets booted up and ready to go
* using remote control: men flip through channels without pausing (hunting); women flip through channels stopping on each channel (gathering information)
* sex: men have spears (hunters); women have baskets (gatherers). together, we treat each other’s bodies as we ourselves would like to be treated.
* sex: a way for our bodies to visit each other’s worlds
* woman (in bed): i have cold feet, can i put them on you?

Check out if the show is playing in your city
I would recommend watching it.

I think the main goal of the show was to convince us women that men are not assholes – not sure if it worked entirely 🙂