Makes: 1 unnecessary purchase $80
Time to prepare: 20 minutes
Setting: Sunday afternoon

1. Sit yourself down on the couch in front of TV.

2. Make sure you do NOT have cable and only get 4 TV channels.

3. Start obsessively flipping through the 4 channels, noticing that there is nothing other than football or infomercials to watch.

4. Realize that you are not a football fan.

5. Begin watching the infomercial (obviously, there is nothing else you could be doing with your time). In the next 20 minutes you will become an expert on Turbo Jam and will be amazed with the incredible weight loss results you WILL achieve if you purchase the exercise package.

6. Give yourself a 5-minute break to decide if you really want to purchase the Turbo Jam – during that time the voice behind the infomercial will inform you that if you order the product in the next few minutes you will get a set of weight gloves for FREE, you will upgrade your shipping to priority for FREE, and you will SKIP a whole monthly payment. How can you refuse?

7. Hurry! Get off the couch, get your credit card, and start dialing, praying that they will have the set of Turbo Jam waiting for you – afterall, with such an incredible offer, it might be sold out.

8. Spend 5 minutes on the phone with the sales representative. Realize that you absolutely MUST also buy an order of vitamin supplements, but do refuse purchasing a life-time warranty replacement program and anything else they WILL offer you. Give your credit card information to the sales person, reluctantly.

9. Get off the phone, feeling bewildered that you just spent $80, but in full anticipation of getting Turbo Jam in the next 5-7 days.

10. Remind yourself that you can always get your money back if you return the product within 30 days.