I am at the grocery store – one of the large chains in Des Moines – picking up a few staples after work to set up my new kitchen…a bottle of olive oil, black pepper, Kosher salt…Kosher salt…where is Kosher salt? I am in the aisle with baking supplies – there are spices, flour, sugar, and salt – we have iodized salt, non-iodized salt, rock salt, sea salt, etc., etc….but where is the Kosher salt?

Now, one might wonder why I would be so determined to get Kosher salt instead of your regular round container of iodized salt, with a cheerful girl with an umbrella. Well, there are a few reasons. Kosher salt has a pure, clean flavor (one of the reasons is that this salt does not have any additives) when compared with table salt. Its texture is different – Kosher salt has a coarser grind than regular salt – I get a better feel of how much salt I use when cooking with Kosher salt, it just feels better. And honestly, at this point, after cooking with this particular type of salt for a long time, that’s just what I use.

By this point, it is 6:30pm, I am hungry and getting frustrated, I check the aisle one more time and finally decide to ask for help. The assistant comes over and looks around, dumbfound by the absence of salt. So he calls for help from his superiors…and Eureka!!! The salt is found…but NO, it’s not on the same aisle with all the others salts, it is a few aisles down the store in the ETHNIC section – seriously, right there with other Kosher products (your typical matzoh, borscht, crackers, etc) is the box of Kosher salt I was looking for. Only in Des Moines 🙂

Happy cooking.