I’m absolutely loving my job. This has been a very rewarding week. I continued testing the two recipes I developed last week…with a few changes, I was happy with the final results and moved on to develop two more recipes. Adhering to the spring vegetables theme I started working on a green spring risotto and a pureed vegetable soup. My first hint that the risotto was good was when everyone at work had it for lunch and really enjoyed it (in fact, by the time I made it to the kitchen, risotto was completely gone). I made it several more times and got a green light from the editor.

The soup took a bit more work. Somehow I wasn’t really inspired to make a pureed soup. However, the soup would’ve gone very well with the other 3 recipes, so I went to work. I put some spring vegetables in a pot, sauteed, seasoned, added some chicken stock, pureed and tasted. There was just something missing. Our soup lady at work – she’s great, she is known for making great soups – recommended that I added some mint, and the soup was born. It’s funny how little things can brighten up the dish and bring out its flavors.

Once the recipes got approved, the next step was the photo shoot. For each of my recipes, I was going to have one main photo of the final product, and 1-2 photos illustrating a step in the recipe making. I worked closely with the art editor, deciding what look we wanted for the photos, the plating design, the theme, etc. On the day of the shoot, I prepared each dish from start to finish, stopping a few times to take the step photos and then finally the final photo. I can’t really described how it felt to see what I made on the page layout with the photos, the recipes and the description. It’s quite rewarding and wonderful.

Next week I will be working on the actual writing of the recipes, the method, photo captions, etc. Can’t wait.