Day 3 at the Magazine. For the last two days I have been testing two recipes that I developed for the upcoming issue. How silly of me to think that I’d make the recipe once or twice, taste it, write it up and have it shot. Here’s the reality. I come up with ideas for the recipes, run it by the managing editor and get her feedback. Basically there are several issues that need to be considered – would the recipe appeal to the magazine’s audience? are the ingredients easily accessible? would the final product photograph well? does it emphasize a specific cooking technique?

So after some deliberation, we settled on making the Moroccan Couscous with Roasted Spring Vegetables. I made it twice last night, and once again today. We are almost there…tomorrow is another try – hopefully the final one. Next I get to work with the photographer, deciding on how to shoot the salad, how to serve it, etc. The magazine has a studio where all the photography is shot. I got to stand in on one of the shoots today – how fun! All the food is real, cooked right there, no touch ups, no “cosmetic surgery”. Pretty amazing.

A few mishaps today. My creamed spinach soup turned out…well…it was a beautiful green color…but tasted pretty horrible – grainy, slimy…it went straight to the garbage disposal. Another disaster was my potato salad. I thought that mixing the potatoes with pesto (made it today and the pesto turned out delicious) would be a great idea. Instead, pair with asparagus it turned the whole salad too green. At least the flavors were good – the salad was dinner for me tonight – why waste?

So tomorrow more testing, more brainstorming. The process reminds me of writing. You first come up with a subject/topic. Next comes the outline, followed by a first rough draft. The draft is edited and then more drafts follow. So here’s to more cooking and writing.

Bon appetite.