Today was the first day of my externship at the Cuisine at Home magazine. Rise and shine – it was an early 8am start. Conveniently, the entire staff of the magazine had a morning meeting, so I got to meet everyone and do a little introduction of who I am, what I am doing in Iowa (good question), and what I would like to do at the magazine. I’ve got to say, everyone seemed very nice. The majority of the staff are women. Quite a few are originally from Iowa. There are 4 CIA grads. The age varies – some are my age (most are married!!!), some are older. Hopefully over the next few months we’d get to know each other well.

Here’s a good example of the hospitality. When I came to my desk, I had a “Welcome” card, signed by every member of the department, welcoming me aboard. I’ve got to say – made me feel pretty special 🙂

The meeting was followed by a tedious 2-hour HR meeting, I also got a tour of the magazine, the kitchens, the photo studio, the gym, etc. The facilities are rather nice. There are fridges with free diet coke throughout the building – you know how happy that makes me.

Here’s another perk of the job. Pretty much, daily breakfast and lunch are provided for the employees. Coffee, fruit, toast, cereal are in the kitchen. For lunch we either get to cook something special, or get to eat the food that was tested for the upcoming issue. Sweet!

After lunch, I had a meeting with my manager and got my first work assignment – I get to develop 4 recipes – Spring Vegetable Side Dishes – for the upcoming issue. Exciting! I have some in mind, and will be testing a few tomorrow.

Special moment of the day – I got flowers delivered to work. I was pretty shocked. The delivery was from Olga – best sister ever! Mucho gracias.