The days of sleek leather bags and purses have been gone for a while.
At the Culinary Institute of America, my bag of choice is a washed out Central Market canvas bag that accompanies me to class every day.

Here are the contents of the bag:

1 binder with Garde Manger course outline, recipes, paper, notes

2 side towels – one has burned holes through it (they don’t give us extra, and i refuse to pay $7 for a new one)

1 apron

1 hat

1 cap from a gel green pen – it’s a mystery as to where the actual pen is

1 tube of hand lotion that looks like toothpaste

2 tubes of lipgloss – never know when you might need some shine to flirt with the chef…just kidding..maybe

1 apple – the school has been getting these really delicious crunchy and juicy apples