This story was inspired by a personal food experience. One evening I was snacking on a handful of crunchy and at times painfully spicy wasabi peas from Central Market. To ease the heat of the peas, I reached for the Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips. I can’t exactly explain what happened next, or why, but I combined the two together, and surprisingly the combination of flavors and textures worked great together.
Unlikely Couple – What Happens When a Spunky Single Female Meets a Professional Overworked Gentleman
Chemistry is a funny thing – it is either there or not. It surprises you when it shows up unannounced and frustrates you when it does not happen regardless of how hard you try to make it work. Let’s sit back and observe the blind date between Wasabi Pea and Chocolate Chip to see if chemistry is possible between these two individuals who at first glance have very little in common.

But first, a little insight into our date participants:

Ms. Wasabi Pea (Pea)
Looks & personal style: Round, about 1/4-1/3 inch in diameter, fashionable
Characteristics: Crunchy, dry, and spicy
Favorite hang outs: Asian Salads, Trail Mix

Mr. Chocolate Chip (Chip)
Looks & personal style: Cone shaped, about 1/4 inch, conservative dresser, spends money on watches and eye glasses
Characteristics: Smooth, semi-sweet, rich
Favorite hang outs: Brownies, Cakes, Cookies, Trail Mix


During the brief phone conversation before their blind date, Chip offered to pick up Pea at Central Market where she works as a Product Quality Manager. Pea politely declined (thinking that driving to the date herself will give her an easy escape route in case the date does not go so well) and suggested that the two meet directly at Trail Mix – the newest and hottest restaurant/club in town.

On the evening of the date, Pea arrived at Trail Mix at 7:30 o’clock, wearing a beautiful green coat with lime green polka dots. She was pleasantly surprised when the waitress led her to a window-side table where Chip was already waiting. Having come straight from work at Ghirardelli, Chip looked professional in a well-pressed brown suit. When Chip got up to give Pea a welcome hug, she secretly wished she didn’t wear a pair of stilettos that evening – Chip was on a short side. “Give him a chance,” thought Pea and ordered a glass of chilled Chardonnay.

Like often happens on first dates, the resume-type questions were fired left and right. Chip learned that Pea moved from Japan when she was 8 years old, has 5 older sisters who are scattered around the world, and loves foreign movies. Chip talked about his passion for history books, his recent vacation to Italy and training for a marathon.

As the time passed, Pea and Chip began to relax and the conversation turned lively. In between sharing small plates of crispy char-grilled calamari, creamy Gouda, and selection of olives and fresh fruit, Pea admitted to her “slight” obsession with detective novels and hopes of opening a small jewelry boutique. Chip didn’t miss a beat and complimented Pea on a beautiful pair of emerald chandelier earrings. Over dessert and coffee, Chip shared his childhood memories at camp Hershey’s and to Pea’s delight and slight embarrassment hummed the camp’s song.

At the end of the evening, Chip walked Pea to her car and said he would really like to see her again. Pea smiled, leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Chip slightly melted.